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Find your Answer Here – We have tried to give you most frequent questions answers regarding our forex signals services 


1. Do you provide specific SL and TP with signal?
Ans: Yes, Every signal we send with clear TP, SL entry point.

2. What type of forex signals you send  ?
Ans: We send most of signals as Pending order that ensure enough time to enter a trader before market move.

3.Do you have SMS signals facility all over the world ?
Ans:YES, We send Signal through sophisticated SMS delivery server to all over the world. Here need to to be connected your to get SMS.

4. How can I give you mobile number ?
Ans: At the time of processing your payment you will see a page with a form to input your mobile number, You just need to fill up the form with your valid number with country code to receive text message in your hand phone.

5. Shall I get Trading Signal via both Email and SMS?
Ans: Yes, You will get entry Alert both email and SMS and all updates like TP, SL, modification you will be received in your email instantly.

6. Do you update Status of running trade?
Ans: Yes, We continually monitor trade after sending a alert and we update you if required to change TP, SL, modification or need to close early an example here

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7. When I shall get forex signals?

Ans: (GMT 7:00 am to 4:00 pm) equivalent (EST/EDT 2:00 am to 12:00 noon) please adjust your local time with this.

8. How many signals can I get weekly?
Ans: We send weekly 3-5 signals.

9. How dose count the subscription period ?
Ans:For one month subscription period count from joining date to the same date of the next month e.g 10th October to 10th November. To count monthly period this is not required to join 1st of a month. You can join any date of a month. By the same way 3 months and 6 months are counted.

10. In which pairs you give signal?
Ans: We prefer most EURUSD, GBPUSD. Beside those we send signals on AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD.

11. What is TP1, TP2 ?
Ans: This is a very effective rule to close profitable trade. That method maximize your profit greatly. This is IMPORTANT to know that  for managing 2 TPs YOU NEED TO OPEN ONLY  1 TRADE NOT 2 TRADES. After subscribing our any Forex Signal Package you will receive a guide about the trade management from us.

12. How does your signals look like?
Ans:You can see from our first day to till today’s signal in our performance page in details those are great examples we never hide anything. Click here to  see our trade gallery also to get a clear picture. A sample of a signal “Pending order Buy USDCAD from 1.2925 SL 1.2860 TP 1.3000, 1.3070 (Long Term)”

13. What is  short term signal?
Ans: On the basis of market analysis we define short term signal which  target varies from 25 to 100 pips.

14. What is  long term signal?
Ans:On basis of our analysis we define long term signal which  target varies from 50 to 200 pips

16. How much the Stop loss to calculate draw down?
Ans: Our most trading signals hit target with very small DD. For proper risk management we professionally set stop-loss with every trade. We define 25-50PIPs SL for a short term trade and 50 -100 PIPs SL for long term trade.

17. How much the Subscription Fee ?
Ans: Please see here for details pricing and facilities >> Forex Signal Pricing

18. How to subscribe YOUR Expected Forex Signal Package?
Ans: We keep very simple the subscription procedure and facilitate with accepting payment from all well known card and wallet. Our secure payment gateway support multi currency and multi language that make you more comfortable. here package choosing tips 

19. My payment credential is secured with you?

Ans: Yes. All the information entered on the payment gateway servers are encrypted using SSL, Macaffe, PCI standard. Our website is also SSL that ensure double security of your credential.
20. Service Not available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran
Ans: In our payment gateway you will not see above countries. Unfortunately we have no service in above countries due to payment gateway, other legitimacy obligations. We DO NOT ACCEPT any payment without the payment gateway.

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