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Trading Forex Signals Performance Details:

Below the all Signals performance with monthly and weekly  total started from 2013


Forex Signal Performance – 2017

MonthPIPs GainedSee Details
Oct-201785Trade Details 
Sep-2017248Trade Details 
Aug-2017275Trade Details 
Jul-2017372Trade Details 
Jun-2017228Trade Details 
May-2017189Trade Details 
Apr-2017*No Service 
Mar-2017*No Service  
Feb-2017*No Service  
Jan-2017-204 Trade Details

*We had to stop service for 3 months only in 2017 for  personal reasons and we notify all members before stopping.

Forex Signal Performance – 2016 

MonthPIPs GainedSee Details
Dec-201669 Trade Details
Nov-2016-115 Trade Details
Oct-2016231 Trade Details
Sep-2016426 Trade Details
Aug-2016223 Trade Details
July-2016205 Trade Details
June-2016393 Trade Details
May-201647 Trade Details
April-2016386 Trade Details
Mar-2016357 Trade Details
Feb-2016680 Trade Details
Jan-2016-113 Trade Details


Forex Signal Performance – 2015 

MonthPIPs GainedSee Details
Dec-2015331 Trade Details
Nov-2015174 Trade Details
Oct-2015-126 Trade Details
Sept-2015194 Trade Details
Aug-2015-356 Trade Details
Jul-2015344 Trade Details
June-2015315 Trade Details
May-201590 Trade Details
April-2015351 Trade Details
Mar-2015262 Trade Details
Feb-2015180 Trade Details
Jan-2015278 Trade Details


Forex Signal Performance – 2014

MonthPIPsDaily Trades
Dec-2014294Trade Details
Nov-2014265Trade Details
Oct-2014375Trade Details
Sept -2014260Trade Details
Aug -2014108Trade Details
July-201467Trade Details
June-2014138Trade Details
May-2014195Trade Details
April-2014309Trade Detail
Mar-201485Trade Details
Feb-2014327Trade Details
Jan-2014352 Trade Details

Forex Signal Performance 2013

MonthPIPsDaily Trades
Dec-201357 Trade Details 
Nov-2013390Trade Details
Oct-2013594Trade Details
Sep-2013317Trade Details
Aug-201350Trade Detail
Jul-2013655Trade Details
Jun-2013646Trade Details
May-2013862Trade Details

After closing every trade, we update our daily trade history regularly. This is done so that you can judge our performance. We show our running month performance , which makes us UNIQUE. Please click on Trade Details to see the latest trades performances. The majority of serious traders and asset manager have been enjoying our forex signals since the beginning of the company. Our Average monthly GAIN is 250 PIPS which is RARE. We guarantee to cover the losses. Click here for more details on PIPs guarantee.


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