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Get The Highly Successful Forex Signals

Alert Mobile SMS and Email

Our Average Monthly GAIN is +350 PIPs. Our Consistent profit will grow your Confidence in Forex trading. We maintain higher TP, smaller SL to keep the high reward ratio.

Signals are sent by Expert traders who have a vast knowledge in financial market.

Both long term & short term signals, For diversification

All most all signals are pending orders. Enough time before enter a trade.

Our fabulous support team responds promptly 24/7.

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Our Pricing Plans

YOU are in the right place to make decent profit. Subscribe any of YOUR expected package and receive Successful Trading Alerts.

Basic Trader
$79For 1 Month
  • Expected +300 PIPs
  • Guarantee +150 PIPs (Within 1 Month)
  • APPs & Email Alert
  • Email notification Entry, Exit, TP, SL
  • Fast Support
  • Money Management Guide
Real Trader - Save $30
$197For 3 Months. $79/Month
  • Expected +1000 PIPs
  • Guarantee +600 PIPs (Within 3 Months)
  • APPs & Email Alert
  • Email notification Entry, Exit, TP, SL
  • Fast Support
  • Money Management Guide
$49For 15 Days
  • Expected +150 PIPs
  • N/A
  • APPs & Email Alert
  • Email notification Entry, Exit, TP, SL
  • Fast Support
  • Money Management Guide
*The Default Currency is USD. But We support Multi Currencies & Accept Payment with lots of payment method. YOU can see also your payment process in your own language.  




guaranteed pips forex signals



Subscription is Covered by Guaranteed PIPs.  

We ensure your pleasant stay with us


Your Subscription is secured. We have guarantee of +150 PIPs for the 1 month and +600 PIPs for the 3 months package. If we make less PIPs in regards of YOUR subscription duration, then we will extend the membership period for FREE to achieve targeted PIPs.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by yourself or by contacting us. After cancellation if  you have days left of your subscription package, You will still receive our signals for the remaining days until end the of the subscription cycle.  

Join With us To make Consistent Profit  in Forex Trading


  • Stable & Decent Earning

    Packages have been designed for the best benefit for real & sticky traders who don’t want to get rich quickly BUT are seeking a stable and decent income. You know real investing is far better than gambling or hype. Our Forex Trading Signal is suitable for true forex investors thus we attain the credibility of intelligent traders globally

  • Both Sort Term & Long Term

    Our Short term trading signals profit range between 25 to 100 PIPs and for the Long term signals, take profit range is 50 to 200 PIPs. Majority of the trade alerts are sent as pending orders / limit order. We don’t count small PIPs gain which are less than 10 PIPs. We are getting wonderful profits from our news trading signals also 

  • Trade Monitor & Alert Till Exit

    PreferForex is committed to delivering the best possible forex signals for making profit consistently. With this view after sending a fx alert we monitor a running trade till exit and inform the status of trade with clear exit message stating the close price

  • How Dose Signals Look like?

    Most of Signals as Pending order look like : Pending / Limit order – ‘Sell EURUSD from 1.1325 SL 1.1375 TP 1.1275, 1.1240, 1.1220 After getting signals in your mobile and email you need to just set this in your terminal our signal using guide will help you to set.



What is Included With The Subscription?

We treat all customers equally  – All subscribers will get followings

  • SMS Notification in Mobile, at the end point of YOUR subscription you will be prompted to input your mobile number.  Our trader team send SMS notification of new signal.

  • Email Alert, In your registered email we shall send your signals and all trading status like Trigger trade, Target hit, SL hit, trade close alert.

  • Trade & Money management Guide, After completing your subscription you will get instantly a download link to download  pdf guide that help you all the way to success with our forex signals.




Real Clients Testimonial

We are happy to serve the delighted clients all over the world

I  have to admit I was skeptical about the claims of winning trades. I am impressed so impressed I opened an additional account just to trade Prefer Forex signals. I know that not every trade will be a winner but if your a winner 60% of the time you can stay profitable utilizing proper risk management. Keep up the good work and looking forward to being a long time subscriber.—–George, USA.

One thing I know for sure SIR is that your service stands head and shoulders above the rest ( i was with other trading signal services ) . You are clearly helping us out when you could be trading for yourselves . Yes you are helping a LOT of PEOPLE !” —–David , Romania

I find your service really good.The service itself is optimal and the signals you provide are also realy good even if some time you have to make adjustment or simply cancel one order, that is a low in this kind of business. Your are the best signal provider I found on the “market”, just continue! Sorry about my “broken” English,” I am french.—–Jaouen, France

I think you guys are doing a good job! I’m happy with that. If there are enquiries you people are always quick to respond too. However because of the bad start i had with preferforex (not that i’m blaming you) i started off quite shaky. I was scared that i’d lose all my credits just like how i did before previously, however you all managed to show me that you guys are really trusted.” —–Lim, Malaysia

We give less numbers of  quality signals only those make few hundreds of solid pips but not thousands of pips per month. A trader know real 100-300 pips can make a big change in trading account. We also not able to give our best work for free. We keep our professionalism and honest approach always that make us unique. We want only to join with us risk aware traders. So, beside making profit you will also learn with us the best way to trade. Thanks for your understanding that forex is just a real business not a hype. Join today and enjoy real forex signals.


All transactions are 100% Secured and privacy protected. Payment Gateway is SSL, PCI Compliance, Norton & McAffee Secured to ensure the security of your information. Wide range of payment methods, multi Currencies and language supported. YOU can select your Expected Currency From the cart.

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*Signal Service NOT Available : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar. 

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