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What say our members about forex trading signals

We Just not only say our forex signal performance is excellent please find here what our members say. There a few client’s comments publish as below. We just quoted as they sent to us. For the respects of client’s privacy we have not attached picture and details of a members.


I  have to admit I was skeptical about the claims of winning trades. I am impressed so impressed I opened an additional account just to trade Prefer Forex signals. I know that not every trade will be a winner but if your a winner 60% of the time you can stay profitable utilizing proper risk management. Keep up the good work and looking forward to being a long time subscriber.—–George, USA.

One thing I know for sure SIR is that your service stands head and shoulders above the rest ( i was with other trading signal services ) . You are clearly helping us out when you could be trading for yourselves . Yes you are helping a LOT of PEOPLE !” —–David , Romania

I find your service really good.The service itself is optimal and the signals you provide are also realy good even if some time you have to make adjustment or simply cancel one order, that is a low in this kind of business. Your are the best signal provider I found on the “market”, just continue! Sorry about my “broken” English,” I am french.—–Jaouen, France

I think you guys are doing a good job! I’m happy with that. If there are enquiries you people are always quick to respond too. However because of the bad start i had with preferforex (not that i’m blaming you) i started off quite shaky. I was scared that i’d lose all my credits just like how i did before previously, however you all managed to show me that you guys are really trusted. —–Lim, Malaysia

Hi – Yes, I did! I got in 20 min after I got the signal at 1.3595 (was away from my phone) and much to my delight I captured 20 pips. BTW, do you guys email the alerts as well? I’m asking for two reasons: sometimes there is a lag with SMS in Canada when it’s sent from abroad, and secondly, I’ll be travelling to Europe in April for a few weeks and won’t be taking my iPhone. —–Lucas, Canada

Very good signal, yesterday only nzd/usd small loss, hope will much signal hit TP. —-Bayu Valas, Indonesia

Hi this is Hameed. i m using ur signal for past 2 weeks its really super signal and i make money to ur signal.its really awesome signal Abdul Hameed, Dubai

Everything really fine. i had only WON trades so far. Today i closed 3/4 of position. the other stop loss to BE and let run. if this series continue i must trade with bigger size.thanks —–Kormendi, Hungary

I’m really happy with your work. —- Volker Weppert, Germany

ur service is very good.. maybe u will receive some of my friends to join u ether. —- Mohammad Khudair, Qatar

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